Donate or Lease Land to Fraction Farms

Do you have productive, irrigation ready land that you’d like to donate or lease to Fraction Farms?

One of the things Fraction Farms needs most is land to grow food. Farmable land in New Mexico is becoming less and less available due to development pressure and depressed food prices for production agriculture and as this shift occurs, “fraction farming” will become more and more necessary.

Though Fraction Farms has current leases and land throughout the state, WE NEED MORE!

Here’s How it Works:

1. You submit your land for donation or for lease. Fraction Farms WILL PAY to lease your land if it is farmable and has irrigation access/rights. We’re able to use well irrigation or ditch irrigation and we work to comply with the State of NM’s OSE for good stewardship of our state’s water resources.

2. We evaluate your land. If it’s something we can grow on, we’ll create a “lease offer” which is paid by donations from our members / community. Often times, we’ll pay an entire growing season in lease payments.

3. We grow on your land. We’re great stewards of your land making sure to care for soil integrity and to keep the land / area in pristine condition.

Interested? Let’s Talk Today!

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